Osteopathy is based on the idea of the wholeness of the person, where all the systems of the body (physical, chemical and emotional) are interrelated, and one can affect over the others. We must keep in mind the different interactions of the organs, the muscles and the skeletal system, where the whole human organism is the environment of each of its parts, affecting every organ to those who are around it.

Through the treatment of soft tissues and joint corrections, Osteopathy is a manual therapy that combines manipulations oriented to relieve the pain and to restore functions in order to promote health and well-being. A wide range of techniques (structural, functional, sensory, fascial) are used, respecting the tissues, without going beyond the limits of the body's own structures. Osteopathy considers the person as a whole and always looks for the cause of the disorder from a holistic point of view (not from a symptomatic approach).